Home Brewing – Pour Over Coffee

There are a number of ways to prepare that perfect cuppa from the comfort of your home. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of methods from the much loved french press to not so popular percolators. At ‘Pump n Grind’ our favourite way of home brewing is the ‘pour over’ or ‘drip filter’ method. This method has taken off in recent decades in kitchens and cafes around the USA and Europe despite persisting in coffee plantations for centuries.

As the name suggests, boiled water is poured over ground coffee. The chosen filter traps the coffee granules allowing a smooth ‘bit free’ collection of coffee to form in the cup.

There is an impressive selection of pour over filter apparatus on the market, however, for home brewing we recommend using either Chemex or Hario’s V60 pour overs.

P n G’s V60 method:

Step 1
Take the V60 cone and rest it on your chosen vessel (either a mug or the V60 beaker will do). Take your filter paper – we recommend using the V60 filters – and open them up into the cone.

Step 2
Measure out 20grams of ground coffee and place in the filter paper (which is now sitting in the cone). If using digital scales, place your V60 (vessel inclusive) on the scales and tare off to 0grams prior to adding coffee and tare again afterwards.

Step 3
Once the kettle’s boiled, leave the water to cool for 45seconds. We’ve found the optimum water temperature at which water interacts with coffee grounds for this method to be 93˚C.

Step 4
When ready, pour 30ml over your coffee in a circular motion, ensuring you cover the coffee.If you’re not using digital scales or measuring apparatus then pour just enough water to moisten all of the coffee, trying to avoid water running through the filter at this point. You’ll notice the coffee swelling, the result of which is known as the bloom. Allow the bloom to sit for 30seconds.

Step 5
Now fill the cone with your boiled water to about two-thirds of the way and allow the water to run through the coffee. Keep topping up the cone until you’ve poured through 300ml in total (67g/L).

Step 6 (the best step)
Remove the V60 cone and enjoy. If you’re not filtering directly into a mug then you have the additional step of pouring into a mug.